Veil of Pearls

Hey everybody! I have more historical fiction for you to try out: Veil of Pearls by MaryLu Tyndall. This story is so well written, I’d give it five out of five stars. It is about a runaway slave from Barbados who runs to Charleston, South Carolina and accidently falls in love with a plantation owner’s son. This is so amazing dramatic, romantic, exciting, and full of good lessons. The girl’s name who ran away is Althea Claymore, but she changed it during the story to hide her identity to Adalia Winston, so that’s what I’ll be referring to her as during this review.

Anyway, after she runs away from Sir Walter Miles’s Plantation in Barbados, she buys passage on a ship to Charleston and there becomes a doctor’s assistant. As one of her first assignments, she goes to the Rutledge Plantation to take care of some sick slaves. Of course, seeing those slaves reminded her of her past, so she got out of there as fast as she could, naturally. Or, at least she tried. She ended up running into the two Rutledge brothers, Hadley and Morgan, who were sons of the plantation owner. They were dueling with swords, until she caught their eye. Seeing how both of them were unmarried, they both stopped what they were doing to talk to her. Since Adalia’s one-fourth Negro heritage does not show through in her features, she was able to escape from slavery, with no one the wiser. Adalia tried to avoid the two brothers, of course, but they stopped her.

Anyway, moving on with the story, Adalia continues to work for and board with the Doctor, and she cannot get her mind off of the brothers that she saw at the plantation. Needless to say, they-or at least one of them- cannot seem to forget her either. Both of them, Adalia and the brothers, continue to run into each other at parties, around town, and the like.

There is one lady, Miss Emerald, who cannot stand Adalia because she continues to win the attentions of the brother that Emerald herself wanted to marry. She gets in touch with Sir Walter, and he comes to capture Adalia. She has kept her secret about being a runaway slave from everyone, including the brother of whom she has captured the attentions of, and when her secret is revealed, everyone seems to desert her and she is dragged back to Sir Walter’s plantation. But the story is not over!

Thank you so much to Net Galley and MaryLu Tyndall publishers for letting me read and review this book! I loved it so much.

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