Putting Boys on the Ledge

Putting Boys on the Ledge by Stephanie Rowe is published by TKA Distribution. I believe this teen novel was published before in 2004 and is now being republished. This is the first book in the “A Girlfriend’s Guide to Boys” series.

The main person is Blueberry Waller. She is fourteen and hates her name. She goes by “Blue” which is still weird. Blue has three friends that have known each other since they all were three. All of them, Ally, Frances, and Natalie, stick together and can read each other’s minds. This is their first year in high school and they don’t quite know how to react. Thankfully, Ally’s older sister Louisa (who we never actually meet in the story) gives them advice on boys and promises to try to get them an invitation to a party. Her advice is to “put boys on the ledge” by having certain attitudes and clothes to attract and then ditch boys in order to save themselves heartbreak. I must say, I don’t really agree with their attitudes and ideas. These girls go about the wrong way to try to get what they want and are rude to their parents. They are dishonest and confused. I would not recommend this book to teenage girls because it sets a bad example. While the book does end up the way I wanted it to, these girls did not get punished for what they did. I would not read this book or any others in this series.

Thank you to Net Galley for letting me review this book.


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