First Date

First Date by Krista McGee was published by Thomas Nelson publishers. It came out recently, was apparently, was on the BookSneeze program but I missed it. I ended up checking it out at the library and really enjoyed it! I finished it in less than 24 hours, even though it was over three hundred pages long. This book was so wonderful; I cannot stop talking about it and would give it a six out of five stars.

Addy Davidson is a normal girl living in Tampa, Florida. She loves to read and water ski and is trying her best to get into an Ivy League college. When her principle calls her into his office to tell her that she has been picked to be on a reality television show, she does not know what to think. High schools around America had been entered into a large drawing. One hundred schools were chosen, and from each of those hundred, one girl was picked. That one girl would, along with the other ninety-nine girls, compete on a reality TV show to win a date with the President’s son, Jonathan Jackson. Jonathan is the hottest boy in all the country who recently broke up with a girl from the Disney Channel. Now he’s starting this show to let one hundred girls try to win a date with him.

Addy hates it. The last thing she wants to do is go onto a TV show that she didn’t even audition for to win a date. She’s never been on a date and does not really want to. Addy does her best to get out on the first round. That is, until Jonathan and her seem to connect and he is seemingly unimpressed by the other ninety-nine girls throwing themselves at him. From the starting one hundred girls, seventy are sent home and thirty remain. Each week five girls are taken off the show. Addy remains, and finds herself America’s favorite. She does not know what to think.

On top off all that, there’s Addy’s haters, a hospital visit, a group of people trying to kill Jonathan and the president, and a producer that tries everything he can to get Addy off the show. Plus, there are challenges for sports, manners, and other things that the girls go through on the show. This jam packed book loosely resembles the Esther story in the Bible and was very enjoyable. This is a teen book for girls that would make a great gift! You can buy it on or at Christian bookstores. Please read it; it’s the best book I’ve read in a while.

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