The Forgiven Duke

This book is pretty good. It is written by Jamie Carie and published by B&H publishing company. This is the sequel to The Guardian Duke, and the second book in the Forgotten Castle series. In this book, Alexandria is in Iceland, continuing her search for her parents. Her fiancé, John Lemon, is at her side and overly protective. Alexandria is starting to get frustrated with him and his eagerness toward their relationship, and Alex wonders if she did the right thing or an impulse thing when she agreed to marry Lord John Lemon. She feels in her heart that she is in love with the duke, but she does know how to handle it because whenever she voices her doubt to John, he gets very mad. Meanwhile, the Duke of St. Easton has been taken back to London, where the regent’s soldiers are sent to retrieve Alexandria. One day, the mysterious Spanish people who have been following and harming Alex, catch up with and capture the duke!! He is tortured, very weak, seasick, and sent to the King of Spain who wants the mysterious manuscript that the elder Featherstones, Alex’s parents, have been sent to find. The way he goes about trying to get that is by trying to get Alexandria, who they think has more information. In reality, Alex knows nothing of it, and just wants to find her parents. Anyway, the duke convinces the king that he is the only one who can find Alexandria, and the king lets him go look for her to bring her back with an army of Spanish soldiers. I cannot really sum up the end part of the story, because then you would know whether or not the regent’s soldiers or the Duke got to Alexandria first, or if either of them did! You’ll have to read the book, which comes out in the next couple of months. You should be able to buy it online through Barnes & Noble or


Thank you so much to Net Galley and B&H publishers for letting me review this book! I really enjoyed it and cannot wait to read the third one, The Duke’s Promise.

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