The Guardian Duke by Jamie Carie

The Guardian Duke by Jamie Carie is an excellent book published by B&H publishers that releases in June of 2012.  Alexandria Featherstone’s parents are treasure hunters that have been missing for almost a year.  Everyone, even the king, thinks them dead, except for Alexandria.  Alexandria (Alex) lives on Holy Island in a falling apart castle  with a few servants/housekeepers who are so old that Alex actually does most of the work!


In England, there is a duke, Gabriel St. Easton, who out of the blue receives a letter saying that he is now the guardian of a lady named Alexandria Featherstone because her parents are believed dead.  The duke of St. Easton sends his secretary to Holy Island to see who it is exactly he is in charge of.  The secretary, Mr. Meade, comes back tongue-tied and with a bullet hole in his shoulder.  He and Alex begin writing letters back and forth.  A little while later, the duke is told that Alexandria could be in danger and he must fetch her and bring her to England.  Gabriel St. Easton makes his way to Holy Island.


Meanwhile, Alexandria had found a clue that she thinks will lead her to her parents, so she sets off to find them.  The duke does not make it in time to reach Alexandria, so he follows in her footsteps, trying to catch up with her.  Alexandria soon finds out that he is following her, and, fearing that he will make her stay in London with him, she makes it as hard as possible for him to follow her.  The duke, on the other hand, had recently gone deaf, so he and his secretary were having an even harder time trying to ask people where she went.  The duke plans on, if he could ever catch up with her, help her in her search for her parents.  At least, that was what he was planning before he realized all the danger she was in because of other treasure hunters chasing after Alexandria and her parents.


Thank you to Net Galley and B&H publishers for letting me review this book! I really enjoyed it and look forward to reviewing books for you in the future.

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