The Mandie Collection Volume 11

The Mandie Collection Volume 11 by Lois Gladys Leppard is a republished form of four beloved Mandie novels: Mandie and the Missing Schoolmarm (Mandie Mystery #39), Mandie and the Graduation Mystery (Mandie Mystery #40), Mandie and Joe’s Christmas Surprise, and Mandie and Mollie and the Angel’s Visit.  Mandie and the Missing Schoolmarm is set when Mandie is returning from her Christmas vacation to her Grandmother Taft’s house before returning to Miss Heathwood’s School for Girls.  Mandie had received a telegram from her grandmother saying that Miss Hope, one of Mandie’s teachers, has gone missing! Miss Hope was not the type to just run off without telling where she is going, so her sister Miss Prudence is very worried.  Miss Hope has left her clothes and other belongings at the school, and when Mandie and her friends ask around town if anyone has seen Miss Hope, everyone is strangely quiet, acting like they are hiding something.  Mandie and her friends are very confused and worried.


For Mandie and the Graduation Mystery, Mandie’s housekeeper Aunt Lou has made Mandie a beautiful white graduation dress with little flowers sewn into it.  Mandie loves it and brings it to her grandmother’s house for safekeeping until it’s near time to wear it to graduate.  About a week away from her graduation, she and Celia bring their dresses from Mandie’s grandmother’s house to the school and hide them in the back of their closets so that no one will mess with them.  A few days before the graduation, Mandie and Celia notice things being moved around on their dresser, and later, they notice that someone has messed with their dresses.  They ask Miss Prudence for a key to lock their closet, and she grants the request.  Still, someone is messing with their clothes! The girls are baffled as their closet was locked.  How did the person get in?


For Mandie and Joe’s Christmas Surprise and Mandie and Mollie and the Angel’s Visit, these were short stories about Mandie when she was thirteen.  After three chapters of the book, there is an original play by Lois Gladys Leppard on the same text of the book, except for in play form.  All the dialogue and characters were the same in the short story and the play.


Thank you very much to Bethany House publishers for providing me with a review copy of this book! I really enjoyed it and look forward to continuing to work with you.  Thanks again!

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